Beef Cattle Behavior and Landscape Utilization Dynamics

Grazing behavior and landscape utilization research is intended to ascertain the relationship of temporal and spatial distribution of vegetation, water and management actions on the distribution patterns of cattle. Complex interactions between biotic and abiotic components of a grazed ecosystem are the underlying cause for temporal variability in the production of goods and services from these ecosystems. In North Texas these goods and services are cattle, wildlife, water and recreation. Characterizing landscape-cattle interactions in terms of these goods will facilitate development of more effective management systems.

Pic of cattle movements (project)

Landscape utilization and behavior also effect cattle energetics and productivity. We have found significant variability among closely related cows in the time spent grazing and ruminating. We are now investigating the possibility of developing behavioral EPD’s. The question of the role of nature versus nurture begs to be addressed at the herd and landscape level. Employing the use of GPS/Activity collars on cattle we can begin to answer these questions

Table of Activity trial b (project)

Pic of Collared Cow

Self-fed supplements provide …………………….. (Project)

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