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Dr. Srinivasulu AleDr. Srinivasulu Ale
Associate Professor

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Dr. Ale is a hydrologist with expertise in geospatial analysis of hydrologic processes and hydrologic/water quality modeling at various spatial scales. His Ph.D. Dissertation and Postdoctoral research at Purdue University focused on assessing the environmental and hydrologic impacts of subsurface (tile) drainage at field and watershed scales in Indiana. His current research focuses on hydrologic and water quality modeling, integrated water resources management, land use and climate change impacts on hydrology and environment, geospatial mapping of natural resources and cropping systems modeling.

Nina_OmaniDr. Nina Omani
Post-Doctoral Research Associate
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My research interests are watershed hydrology, water quality management, climate change impact and adaptation, prediction of hydrologic extremes including flood and drought. My PhD dissertation focused on the development of ecohydrologic models to describe hydrologic processes of river basins at different spatial scales and climatic conditions ranging from maritime to continental climates.  As a post-doc at Purdue, I have assessed the effects of climate change on ecohydrologic system of the watersheds, carried out probabilistic analysis of characteristics of drought events, and studied the effects of future drought on water availability and quality. My current research focuses on enhancing the management of water resources in sustainable ways by developing integrated ecohydrological models and frameworks.

Graduate Student Co-advisees

  1. Kritika Kothari is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAEN) at Texas A&M University (TAMU), College Station, TX. She is being co-advised by Dr. Clyde Munster, Professor, BAEN, TAMU and Dr. Srinivasulu Ale. Her research focuses on “Assessing adaptation strategies for coping with increasing climate variability and drought incidence in the Texas High Plains and Edwards Aquifer regions”.
  2. Victoria Garibay is an M.S. student in the TAMU BAEN department. She is being co-advised by Dr. Srinivasulu Ale and Dr. Clyde Munster, Professor, BAEN, TAMU. Her research focuses on the “Development and Evaluation of Efficient Irrigation Strategies for Cotton Production in the Southern High Plains under Declining Groundwater Availability.”
  3. Abhinav Khandpal is an M.S. student in the TAMU BAEN department. He is being co-advised by Dr. Srinivasulu Ale and Dr. Clyde Munster, Professor, BAEN, TAMU. His research focusses on the “Evaluation of strategies for improving groundwater quality in the Texas Rolling Plains.”

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