Faculty and Staff

Richard Vierling Ph.D. Center Director
Dale Dunlap M.S. District Extension Administrator
Curtis B. Adams Ph.D. Assistant Professor Crop Physiology
Srinivasulu Ale Ph.D. Associate Professor Geospatial Hydrology
Caitlyn Cooper Ph.D. Assistant Professor Rangeland Ecophysiology
Paul B. DeLaune Ph.D. Associate Professor Environmental Soil Science, agronomy
Emi Kimura Ph.D. Assistant Professor Extension Agronomist
Kelli Lehman M.S. Extension Specialist 4-H and Youth
Dariusz P. Malinowski Ph.D. Professor Forage Breeder, Ornamental Plant Breeder
Seong C. Park Ph.D. Associate Professor Resource Economist
William E. Pinchak Ph.D. Professor Grazing cattle nutrition and behavior
Andrea Stelting Regional Program Leader Better Living for Texans
Dana Tarter Regional Program Leader Family and Consumer Sciences
W. Richard Teague Ph.D. Professor Rangeland restoration, grazing management
Supporting Scientists
Steven L. Dowhower M.S. Senior Associate Sustainable Rangeland Management
Business Administration
David Jones Business Administrator  Accounting and Property
Janet L. Case Office Manager


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