This site presents all the refereed (or peer-reviewed) journal articles produced by scientists and specialists at the Vernon Center since its opening in 1973. Each reference listed has at least one author who was located at the Vernon center. The refereed journal article is one of the most important metrics of research productivity because these articles have gone through a review by peer scientists outside the system who must recommend publication to a journal editor before the article can be published. In this way, these articles represent one of the best examples of unbiased, objective information and provide benchmarks on which future research can build on.

This site summarizes only one aspect of the Vernon Center’s productivity and does not include the many other excellent publications such as Extension Fact Sheets, Experiment Station Progress Reports, book chapters, conference presentations, abstracts and field day publications. These will be listed on other links.

The Vernon center has published over 360 journal articles since the mid-1970’s, an average of 10 per year. Publications occur in over 75 different journals. The most frequently used journals were the Journal of Range Management (now called Rangeland Ecology and Management), Southwestern Entomologist and Crop Science. See links below for the master list, other lists, and summary data.

See links below for individual faculty publications, past and present.

Refereed Articles at the Vernon Center

Figure all ref pubs 1974-2013

Refereed Articles by Faculty

Current Faculty

Curtis Adams Research Agronomy
Srinivasulu Ale Geospatial Hydrology
Paul DeLaune Water Quality
Emi Kimura Exten. Agronomy
Dariusz Malinowski Forages
Seong Park Agric. Economics
Bill Pinchak Beef Cattle Science
Richard Teague Range Ecology

Past Faculty

Jim Ansley Rangeland Shrubs
Todd Baughman Exten. Agronomy
Stan Bevers Exten. Economics
David Bordovsky Agronomy
Ed Clark Agronomy
Cleve Gerard Agronomy & Soils
Rod Heitschmidt Range Ecology
Pete Jacoby Range Ecology
Nithya Rajan Cropping Systems
Dean Ransom Wildlife Ecology
Charlie Rogers Entomology
John Sij Agronomy
Jeff Slosser Entomology
Roy Stafford (USDA-ARS) Agronomy
Harold Wiedemann  Range Engineering
David Worrall Wheat Breeding
Others Various

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